• Mashin became the exclusive distributor of USA WAGAN in Taiwan.
  • Mashin and Sin Yi Cheng cooperated to open a new e-commerce platform.
  • The new company website established.
  • SC-1000+ new version with EFB battery selection released.
  • The new battery charger LFP-2412 successfully released.
  • The new battery tester with LCD panel VAT-700 successfully released.
  • TK-60 programming charger successfully released and received order from car manufacturer.
  • Successfully exhibited in 2019 Taipei AMPA and presented the new power inverter and DC to DC charger.
  • BC-1000 bluetooth battery charger successfully released.
  • Mashin obtained the PSE factory certification.
  • The BL-100 bluetooth battery tester released and applied for the developing patents.
  • Successfully exhibited in 2018 Taipei AMPA and presented the new product EA-500 air purifier and TK-60 programming charger.
  • LA-300 Dual Mode (Lead-acid & LiFePO4) battery charger, VAT-650 battery tester with printer and power bank jump starter SP-750, SP-800 released.
  • Successfully exhibited in 2017 Taipei AMPA and presented the latest products.
  • Congrats Pollux Distributors, Inc. assigned as Mashin's exclusive distributor in Philippines.
  • Congrats ABC Corporation assigned as Mashin's exclusive distributor in Korea.
  • Congrats Herder Investment Co.Ltd assigned as Mashin's exclusive distributor in HongKong and Macau.
  • Mashin keeps developing new series chargers to become the leading brand of battery charger.
  • Completed the developing of SC-800, SC-1000 and SC-1000+.
  • Successfully exhibited in 2016 Taipei AMPA and presented the latest product includes SC and VAT Series.
  • Exhibited SC Series in 2016 Automechanika Frankfurt and received orders from Germany and Spain customer.
  • Won the 69th Innovation Research Excellent Enterprise of Industry Festival.
  • Won the 2015 Innovation Award of Taipei AMPA.
  • Won the 21st Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award of Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • New product SCD-600 is the first automatic charger with Hybrid mode for lead-acid & LiFePO4 battery.
  • New product SC-600 Hybrid Dual Output automatic charger obtained CE, FCC and CEC efficiency certification.
  • MS-300 three in one automatic lead-acid battery charger won the 2014 Innovation Award of Taipei AMPA.
  • Successfully exhibited in 2014 Taipei AMPA, SC-600 Series, MS-300 Series, MSD-300 Series and SCD-600 Series are presented.
  • New Charger for motorcycle use MS-300 released.
  • Successfully exhibited at EQUIP AUTO in Paris.
  • Successfully exhibited at Taipei AMPA in Taiwan.
  • The new headquarter was began construction on 10 December.
  • Mashin exhibited KS series, SC4CH Series in Automechanika Frankfurt.
  • KS-1210 Series got approval and recevied orders from LASER TOOLS GROUP in UK.
  • Successfully exhitbited in Taipei AMPA and received orders from Korea, Europe and America.
  • KS-1210 obtained subsidy plan of Conventional Industry Technology Development from Bureau of Industry.
  • In order to improve developing technology, Mashin cooperated with Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology and set up an R & D center to recruit more engineers. We have two engineers with master degree and one advisor with doctor degree to develop advanced technology.
  • Signed ODM developing contract with Japan Auto parts Group.
  • SC4CH Series developed successfully, this is for maintenance plants which need the multi-output charger.
  • KS Series increased KS-2407 model with 12V & 24V auto-detecting which can use in more application. Besides, it includes PFC function and the efficiency up to 0.99 which can save energy.
  • Due to expansion of company scale, the existing factory cannot afford the grows, we bulit a new factory in Dashanjiao, Madou District.
  • There is an increasing demand of Electric Motorcycle, as a result, we began to develop and produce the LFP-410W battery charger and obtained UL(E350075), FCC safty regulation.
  • Successfully developing and producing the KSL Series battery charger for lithium battery KSL-1201, KSL2407, KSL-36045 and KSL-48035.
  • Received the order from he US famous Auto Parts Shops Lithium Pros.
  • Successfully developing and producing the KS Series battery charger which combined with the four functions battery tester, battery charger, battery boost and power supply.