Mashin has complete After-Sale Service, our maintenance personnel has more than 50 years experiences to repair your defective products quickly and effectively.

Enter Serial Number for Warranty
  • Please enter product serial number within 7 days of purchase.
  • Any Product: 1 Year ; Air Purifier: 2 Years ; MS Series: 3 Years
  • Free repair service during warranty period, excluding artificial damage or natural disaster.
    (Customer should bear one-way freight cost to send back the product)
  • Customer needs to pay repair costs when warranty is expired and artificial damage or natural disaster.
    We will contact you for the fees after inspection and you can decide to repair or not.

How to send for repair?

Please pack it properly and send back to the following:
Mashin Electric Corp. Maintenance Dept.
Tel: +886-6-5702066
Address: 10-33 dashanjiao, Madou Dist., Tainan City, 721 Taiwan
Kindly put a note inside the package with your contact detail and repair reason.


Service Time?

Normally it is 7-10 days for repair but it depends on your product damage.
If there is parts shortage or other reasons, we will contact you for the finish date.


Repair Costs?

The repair costs depend on your product damage, we will inspect your product after receiving your package.
After inspection, we will contact you for the repair costs.
If there is no defective or you decide not to repair, then you shall bear freight cost to send back the product